Projects in Lone Tree


Below is information regarding two projects in the area that we want our residents to be aware of. If you have any questions about either, please contact Community Development Director Kelly First at or 720-509-1274.

SCL Health is currently under contract to purchase land in the City of Lone Tree for a potential medical campus development. The property is located south of C-470 and west of Yosemite Street, along Park Meadows Drive. SCL Health is currently conducting due diligence and has submitted a request to the City to rezone the property to allow for a medical office campus. More information will be made available in the coming weeks as part of the review process.

Meanwhile, the current construction along the north side of Park Meadows Drive between Acres Green Drive and Yosemite Street is for the expansion of a regional detention and water quality pond located just south of C-470 right-of-way. This expansion will allow for regional detention from C-470, Acres Green, the City of Lone Tree and the Furniture Row property. This project involves multiple funding partners including CDOT, Douglas County, City of Lone Tree and Furniture Row Colo, LLC.

Milling & Paving on Fairview

Construction Alert.jpg

Crews will be milling on Fairview from Monday, Aug. 5 to Tuesday, Aug. 6 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., with paving scheduled from Wednesday, Aug. 7 to Friday, Aug. 9 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Expect major delays and use alternate routes. Thank you for your patience while we work to improve our roads! Questions/concerns? Contact Public Works at 303-662-8112.


Impact of Nutrients and Other Pollutants on Water Quality in Streams

The City of Lone, Splash and CLEAR are working together to raise public awareness of the impact that nutrients and other pollutants have on the water quality in streams.

Being proactive regarding fertilizer use, landscaping maintenance and pet waste management will have a positive impact on improving water quality in streams.

To learn more, check out the posters below or visit and

2019 Nutrient Flyer DC CLEAR_Page_1b.JPG
2019 Nutrient Flyer DC CLEAR_Page_2.jpg
2019 Nutrient Flyer DC CLEAR_Page_1a.JPG
DogPoopPoster Lone Tree.jpg

Only Permissible Fireworks Allowed within Lone Tree City Limits

Fireworks Not Allowed.jpg

As residents and visitors to Lone Tree prepare to celebrate Independence Day, the City of Lone Tree would like to remind everyone that only permissible fireworks, as defined by Colorado state law, are allowed within the City limits.  

"Permissible fireworks" means small firework devices designed to produce an audible or visual effect by combustion but do not leave the ground. These fireworks are commonly called “consumer fireworks” and generally include cylindrical fountains, cone fountains, wheels, ground spinners, illuminating torches, dipped sticks and sparklers.

Fireworks that are aerial, explode, or fragment – such as bottle rockets, mortars, roman candles, firecrackers, cherry bombs and similar more powerful fireworks – are illegal in the state of Colorado and the City of Lone Tree.

The illegal use of fireworks in the City of Lone Tree may result in a fine of up to $1,000.

Lone Tree Mayor Pro Tem Reelected to Colorado Municipal League Board

Mayor Pro Tem Cathie Brunnick.jpg

City of Lone Tree Mayor Pro Tem Cathie Brunnick was reelected to the Colorado Municipal League (CML) executive board in the medium population category.

The CML Executive Board, which is comprised of 21 elected officials and key municipal staff, is responsible for overall finances, management, and policy affairs of the League.

“It was an honor to serve on the CML Executive Board last year, and I am very fortunate to have been reelected to serve again,” said Brunnick. “Advocating for important issues facing the cities and towns of Colorado is a top priority for me.”

CML is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization established in 1923 and represents the interests of 270 cities and towns.

For more information on the Colorado Municipal League, please visit or call 303-831-6411.

Small Cell Wireless Facilities Going Up in Lone Tree


Given our increasing daily use of wireless communication and a recent law passed by the Colorado Legislature, the City of Lone Tree and neighboring municipalities will be allowing the installation of small cell wireless facilities in the area.

A small cell wireless facility is part of a larger network that provides cellular service to smartphones, tablets and other cellular devices. The facilities are called “small cell” because they provide low-powered signals to complement a larger cellular network. They have a shorter range and use smaller equipment than larger cellular towers.

Here are the most recent locations where small cell wireless facilities are being installed in Lone Tree.

To learn more about small cell wireless, click here. For questions or concerns, contact Lone Tree Public Works at (303) 662-8112.

Addressing Tree Damage Post Heavy, Wet Snow Storms

Tree Damage 5-21-19.jpg

It’s hard to believe we saw heavy snowfall so late in May but that’s Colorado weather indeed! And with that heavy, wet snowfall comes the potential for tree damage.

We encourage you to watch out for newly obstructed stop signs.  Keep your friends, family and neighbors safe by promptly removing the obstruction.

The next step is to assess the tree damage. If a tree is healthy overall and still possesses its leader (the main upward branch), most of its major limbs and 50 percent or more of its crown, the chance is good for a complete recovery.

Think long and hard about doing the clean-up work yourself, or hiring a contractor. Many of us are afraid of chain saws and ladders.  Google “Denver tree care companies” to identify potential contractors.  

For those that want to tackle the work on your own, here are a few tips to help you out: 

  • Remove broken branches. Saw, don’t pull broken limbs. This minimizes the damaged area. Doing so reduces the risk of decay, as well as the opportunity for insects or diseases to enter the tree wound.

  • Prune tree limbs near the branch collar – the point where a branch joins a larger one – and be mindful of potential pent-up energy if the branch is twisted or bent.

  • Don’t over-prune. With the loss of some branches, a tree may look unbalanced, but most trees quickly grow new foliage that hides bare areas.

  • And don’t forget to retain the moisture your tree needs by placing a three inch deep layer of mulch at the base of your tree.

For more tree care tips, click here.

Station Sensation Street Festival Attracts Hundreds of People to Celebrate Three New Light Rail Stations in Lone Tree


On Saturday, May 18, the City of Lone Tree, in partnership with RidgeGate and South Metro Denver Chamber celebrated the official opening of the highly anticipated Southeast Rail Line Extension (SERE), which kicked off service to three new light rail stations, with Station Sensation. The festival, which took place at the Sky Ridge Light Rail Station, attracted over 300 people.

“Saturday was the celebration of a project that started more than 20 years ago with an inspired vision for the future,” said Lone Tree Mayor Jackie Millet. “It became a reality thanks to the strong partnership and collaboration with local jurisdictions, developers, business community and RTD.”

The lively street festival was a full day of activities and entertainment that included dancers, music, art, carnival games, performances and food trucks. Guests had the chance to compete in a watermelon eating contest, face painting, a climbing wall and watch live music, stilt walkers and magicians. A variety of local leaders and dignitaries were on-site during the event to discuss how this milestone will impact the City of Lone Tree, further economic development and make RidgeGate the most connected community in the metro area

“Transportation and economic development go hand in hand. This extension and the three new light rail stations will enhance end-of-line conditions for commuters, support 500 acres of mixed-use development and be a catalyst for new employment and economic development opportunities in Denver’s South Region,” Keith Simon, VP of Development for RidgeGate. “The Southeast Rail Extension is a symbol of progress and expansion for our region. It affords a unique opportunity to support this world-class region as it attracts high-caliber businesses and encourages smart development.” 

RTD’s Southeast Rail Extension brings three new light rail stations - Sky Ridge Station, City Center Station adn RidgeGate Station - to Lone Tree with 2.3 more miles of track and 1,300 new parking spaces at the end-of-line RidgeGate Parkway station.

City of Lone Tree Adds Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to its Amenities


Thanks to a partnership with Rampart Range Metropolitan District, the City of Lone Tree can now add electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to its list of community amenities.  Five new EV charging stations, including a DC Fast Charger which can fully charge a vehicle in 30 to 45 minutes, are now available in the Lincoln Commons parking garage located at 10001 Commons Street.

On Wednesday, Mayor Jackie Millet and City Council were joined by Colorado Department of Transportation Executive Director Shoshana Lew, Colorado Energy Office Executive Director Will Toor, Vice President of Development for Coventry Development Keith Simon and Regional Air Quality Council Executive Director Michael Silverstein in celebrating with a ribbon-cutting ceremony

“We’re so excited to offer this as an amenity to our residents and visitors,” said Millet. “With our prominent location along the I-25 and C-470 corridors, it makes a lot of sense to make charging stations available.”

The charging stations, which were installed at the end of April, are located in the RidgeGate community and provide drivers with easy access to the Lone Tree Arts Center, and numerous dinning and retail establishments in the area.

“We are thrilled to welcome the new EV charging stations to RidgeGate as another partnership project focused on innovation in the community,” said Simon. “They are another feature that will enhance mobility and transportation choice, and support RidgeGate's position as the most connected community in the Denver Metro area.”

The cost to use the stations will vary from $0.15 per kWh to $0.30 per kWh depending on whether drivers are using the DC Fast Charger or the Level 2 stations.

The stations are also funded in part by a grant from the Regional Air Quality Council’s Charge Ahead Colorado program.

Tree Trimming Tips

Stop Sign.jpg

The trees in Lone Tree are finally starting to turn green!  Homeowners, businesses and property managers are noticing new tree growth is causing some tree branches to obstruct street signs and sidewalks.  To eliminate safety hazards while preserving your valued trees:

  • Saw, don’t snap and pull tree limbs. This minimizes the risk of decay, as well as the opportunity for insects or diseases to enter the tree wound.

  • While you are there, check for broken tree branches. Remove broken branches by pruning the limb at the branch collar – the point where a branch joins a larger one – and be mindful of potential pent-up energy if the branch is twisted or bent.

  • Don’t over-prune. With the loss of some branches, a tree may look unbalanced, but most trees quickly grow new foliage that hides bare areas.

  • For large projects, think long and hard about doing the clean-up work yourself, or hiring a contractor. Many of us are afraid of chain saws and ladders.