Bike Share has Arrived in Lone Tree

Dockless Bike Share Bikes At Lincoln Station

Bike share has arrived in Lone Tree! The City has permitted dockless bike share operator Ofo to operate in Lone Tree under a pilot program from February to June 2018. Ofo’s yellow bikes will be floating around the community giving people a new way to get from point A to B.  Bikes could be located anywhere, but will have a focus around Lincoln Station, apartment communities, shopping destinations and major employers.

The bikes are owned and operated by Ofo, an independent company. For information about downloading their app and renting a bike click here to go to their website. For support or to report inappropriately parked bikes, contact Ofo directly.  The City does not provide technical support, move bikes or provide information about operations.

So what is dockless bike share?

Dockless bike share systems allow individuals to rent bikes using their smartphones. The bikes have on-board locks, GPS, and cellular connections allowing users to use their smartphones to find, unlock and pay for rides.

Unlike other bike share systems, like Denver’s B-Cycle, dockless bike share bikes do not need to be returned to a station. The bikes can be parked anywhere. These systems are operated by private companies and are not publicly subsidized. Questions or concerns about using the bikes should be directed to the bike share company.

Does the City own these bikes?

No, the City does not own or have any financial interest in any dockless bike share system.

Where can I park the bike when I am done?

Your best bet is to park the bike in a bike rack. If no bike racks are available, please park the bike on a hard surface (concrete/asphalt) out of the way of pedestrian/auto traffic. Parking on private property is at the discretion of the property owner. See the parking requirenments posted on every bike share bike for information.

Bike share parking requirements are posted on every Ofo bike. Click image to make larger.

Why is this being run as a pilot program?

While popular in Asian countries, dockless bike share systems are brand new to the United States. The City is allowing Ofo to operate in the City under a temporary agreement so that we can better understand how these systems operate and how they can best integrate into our community. The hope is that the City will launch a permanent permitting program for dockless bike share systems at the end of the pilot. The permanent permitting program will regulate these systems using information that is learned during the pilot program.

A bike was parked on my property or in an inappropriate location and I want it moved.

The City requires Ofo to move incorrectly parked bikes within 6 hours of receiving notice between 6am-6pm Monday-Friday and within 12 hours of receiving notice at all other times. To report an incorrectly parked bike please call Ofo using the support phone number located on the bike. The City is not responsible for monitoring or removing bikes. However, if Ofo did not respond within the time periods outlined above please contact Austin Good at

Is Ofo the only bike share system in Lone Tree?

Ofo is the first and currently only system to launch in the City. Ofo’s agreement with the City is nonexclusive, meaning other bike share operators may seek to launch in the City at any time. Operators looking to launch in the City of Lone Tree should reach out to Austin Good at