Don't Miss August Wilson's Fences at the Lone Tree Arts Center!


Remarkable. Relevant. Sensational.

These are just a few words that describe August Wilson’s Tony Award-winning Fences.

Widely regarded as one of the finest playwrights ever to write for the American stage, Wilson traces the African-American experience through his American Century Cycle—a series of 10 plays, each set in a different decade. Fences—the sixth in the series—revolves around the life of garbage collector Troy Maxson. When his rise through the Negro baseball leagues hits the ceiling of racial prejudice, Maxson turned away from a world of unfulfilled promises and denied opportunities. But in 1957, his son Cory, an emerging football star, sees the world through very different eyes, and his wife Rose yearns for an outlet for her love.

Don’t miss this deeply moving drama at the Lone Tree Arts Center from Thursday, April 5 - Saturday, April 21.  Tickets available online.  Preview performance on Wednesday, April 4.