Lone Tree Paves the Way for Smoother Commutes


There’s no getting around it: where there are roads, there will be roadwork. And while virtually no one looks forward to the work-in-progress phase, virtually everyone looks forward to the finished product!

Here’s a look at the capital projects the City of Lone Tree has on tap for 2018:

Asphalt Overlay

Asphalt roads require resurfacing on a regular basis, with an average pavement overlay lasting 8-15 years. This year, the City will resurface Yosemite Street from Fairview Drive to County Line Road, and Timberline Road from Lone Tree Parkway to the City limits. Work is scheduled to begin this month and be completed by the end of July.

Concrete Replacement

Prior to mill and overlay projects, the concrete curbs, gutters and sidewalks are assessed for damage. This year’s concrete replacement project will include parts of Yosemite Street from Fairview Drive to County Line Road, Timberline Road from Lone Tree Parkway to the City limits, and various parts of RidgeGate West. Work on Yosemite Street began in March; entire project is scheduled for completion by the end of June.

Lincoln Avenue Concrete Replacement

Several degraded concrete panels on Lincoln Avenue east of I-25 were replaced in April. Within a 48-hour time frame, nearly 4,000 square yards of concrete were removed and replaced using several crews and all available equipment to reduce traffic impact from eight weekends down to one! Project completed April 2018. 

County Line Road Improvements—Phase 2A

Last year, the City completed work on the project’s first phase (Phase 1A), which included adding a traffic signal at the north entrance to Park Meadows Retail Resort; adding another lane exiting out of Park Meadows Retail Resort; and adding dedicated right-turn lanes into both Park Meadows and Park Meadows Center Drive.

This year, Phase 2A will include:

  • Adding another westbound (left) turn lane from County Line into the PF Chang’s (north) entrance of Park Meadows.
  • Adding another northbound lane on Park Meadows Center Drive, with three signalized lanes for access to I-25 North, I-25 South and County Line Road east.
  • Removing the median at the I-25 southbound exit onto westbound County Line Road and adding another southbound lane to the I-25 southbound exit.
  • Milling and overlaying County Line Road from Chester Street to Park Meadows Center Drive.

Work is expected to start in June and be completed by the end of October. 

Chester-County Line Road Traffic Signal Replacement

The City will replace the existing span wire signal poles with mast arms to match the other signals within Lone Tree, which will reduce maintenance and repair costs. Work is scheduled to start this summer and be completed by fall. 

RidgeGate Parkway Widening

RidgeGate Parkway from Havana Street to the City of Lone Tree limits will be widened from two to six lanes (although it will initially be striped for four). Construction will include raised medians, left-turn lanes at signalized intersections, a separated cycle track and an 8-foot-wide sidewalk. Work is scheduled to start late 2018 and be completed by late 2019.

Transportation projects currently underway by other agencies include:

  • Yosemite Street Medians. Park Meadows Metropolitan District is funding/managing the construction of raised concrete medians with landscaping in place of the existing striped medians on Yosemite Street between C-470 and Park Meadows Drive.
  • Southeast Light Rail Extension. RTD’s construction of a 2.3-mile light rail extension from Lincoln Avenue to the end-of-the-line station south of RidgeGate Parkway—including three new stations and a 1,300-space parking garage— will continue through 2019. 
  • C-470 Widening Project. The Colorado Department of Transportation’s C-470 widening project has an expected completion date of 2019. 
  • East-West Trail Extension. Douglas County is extending the existing East-West Regional Trail approximately eight miles. The trail extension will start at the top of the trail behind Cabela’s and run under I-25 toward Parker. Construction will start in 2018.