Tips on Tree Safety

Sidewalk Safety.jpg

The greenery is finally here!  However, homeowners, businesses and property managers are noticing new tree growth is causing some tree branches to obstruct street signs and sidewalks. Please follow these tips to eliminate safety hazards while preserving your valued trees:

  • Saw! Don’t snap and pull tree limbs. This minimizes the risk of decay, as well as the opportunity for insects or diseases to enter the tree wound.
  • While you are there, check for broken tree branches. Remove broken branches by pruning the limb at the branch collar – the point where a branch joins a larger one – and be mindful of potential pent-up energy if the branch is twisted or bent.
  • Don’t over-prune. With the loss of some branches, a tree may look unbalanced, but most trees quickly grow new foliage that hides bare areas.
  • For large projects, think long and hard about doing the clean-up work yourself or hiring a contractor. Many of us are afraid of chain saws and ladders.  Google “Denver tree care companies” to identify potential contractors.  
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