Douglas County apologizes for mill levy certification error


Mill Levy Certification Hotline created to answer taxpayer questions.

Approximately 7,600 residential and commercial property owners in Acres Green, portions of Lone Tree and the Province and Province Center neighborhoods in Douglas County will soon receive a corrected property tax statement, as these taxpayers were under-charged due to a clerical error by the Douglas County Budget staff on the 2018 Mill Levy Certification.

The County erroneously omitted a portion of the South Suburban Park and Recreation District (SSPRD) mill levy on the Certification. This omission resulted in a negative impact of $5,589,802 in SSPRD operating revenue.

“On behalf of the County Budget Department, I apologize to the impacted taxpayers and to the District for our error and the concern this has created,” said Doug DeBord, County Manager.

The process associated with correcting the error that will ensure that SSPRD will receive all the money the District is due, begins with approval of a corrected mill levy certification by the Board of Douglas County Commissioners. Following the Board’s approval, the County Assessor’s Office will make corrections to the tax warrant for all affected property owners and submit this information to the County Treasurer’s Office, after which all affected property owners will receive a corrected billing, with an apology and explanation of the County’s error.

Douglas County anticipates that the average homeowner impact will be $311.00 based on the average home value of $579,745.

What should the impacted taxpayer expect?

·       If you have a mortgage and escrow your property taxes, the Douglas County Treasurer’s Office will notify your mortgage holder directly of the corrected taxes due and the mortgage holder will pay the additional amount due.

·       If you pay your own property taxes you will be billed directly for the corrected taxes, due on or before June 15, 2019 – whether your taxes have already been paid in part or in full.

To make it easier for these questions and more to be resolved, Douglas County has created a South Suburban Mill Levy Certification hotline:  720-733-6922, where staff will be available to answer questions Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

 For additional information please visit Certification of Tax Levies

“Our omission led to property owners receiving an incomplete property tax statement in 2019,” continued Mr. DeBord. “From the moment we were notified by SSPRD on March 8, our objective was to identify – from the statutory to the procedural – what would be required to make it right,” DeBord said.

He also noted that the South Suburban Park and Recreation District was timely and accurate with their certification to the Board of County Commissioners and this error is not the result of any action by the District.